February 19, 2023

Using the Proxy Detection Database

The proxy detection database is a tool that helps to detect illegitimate users by identifying high-risk connections. The data is useful in detecting high-risk proxies and VPN services that can be used to steal sensitive information or commit fraud.

The Proxy Detection database can help to identify a proxy that is causing a connection issue or preventing access to your website. This is a simple way to protect your site from fraudsters and unauthorized users.

A proxy is a computer that acts as an intermediary between computers and servers on the Internet. They are commonly used for security purposes such as filtering harmful traffic, intercepting ma

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Proxies can also be used to conduct click fraud, by changing their IP addresses and clicking on ads over and over again. This is a very attractive method for fraudsters because it hides their real IP address and geographical location.

Using the Automatic Proxy Result Cache (IPv6)

The Automatic Proxy Result Cache is a performance enhancement that was added to Internet Explorer 5.5 and later. It enables Internet Explorer to reduce the client-side processing of the automatic proxy configuration script that is used to determine whether a proxy should be used when accessing a host.

When an automatic proxy configuration script is configured to be used and Internet Explorer is able to retrieve it from the network, the automatic proxy script is parsed and added to the Automatic Proxy Result Cache. It is then used as the starting point for determining the set of proxy servers to use when accessing a host.