A Magic Mushroom Dispensary in Kitchener, Ontario

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magic mushrooms dispensary

Amid a growing demand, evolving research and a few small changes to drug policy, shops specializing in mushrooms containing the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin are popping up across Canada. The latest, located in Kitchener, welcomed a handful of eager shoppers on its opening day.

Like other psychoactive drugs, psychedelic mushrooms are illegal in many jurisdictions. But some areas have decriminalized them, meaning users will face a fine rather than a criminal record if they get caught. Getting caught by police in non-decriminalized regions, however, can still have serious consequences. Go here magicmushroomsdispensary.ca

Darren Lyman has a small shop with a couple of chairs, wind chimes and a tie-dye mattress. He calls it a magic mushroom co-op and says customers call ahead, show ID and talk about their intention for the psychedelic mushrooms they purchase from him — whether to microdose for focus or a full-blown experience. His most popular mushroom is the blue-streaked Penis Envy, which has an intoxicating effect and he sells for $30 per gram.

He explains that the fungus is rich in psilocin and psilocybin, which are chemical compounds that can change perception, reduce anxiety and help with depression. They also help ease the effects of PTSD and end-of-life dread.

The Science of Psilocybin: How Magic Mushrooms Affect the Brain

A few days after CBC visited his shop, Lyman got a call from the federal government to let him know his license to sell mushrooms was being revoked. But he’s determined to keep going. He’s working with local cannabis growers to bring legal psilocybin products to his store. He also plans to partner with therapists and use the sales revenue for training on how to safely guide people through their trip experiences.

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