About Leo

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About Leo Pastor

Leo Pastor is a passionate, hard-working, and dedicated individual who works at VI Transfer Centennial in the IT Department. He is an innovative problem solver who loves to find creative solutions for any problem.

A native of the United States, Leo was born and raised in California. After graduating from college with a degree in computer science, he moved to Las Vegas and eventually ended up at VI Transfer Centennial in 2018. Since then he has been working as an IT Technician where he helps customers with their technical issues as well as helping the company with their own IT needs.

Leo’s main passion lies in creating new software and hardware systems that can help his customers achieve their goals more efficiently. His knowledge of computers and technology allows him to think outside of the box when it comes to problem-solving, which is why many of his colleagues rely on him for advice and assistance.

Outside of work, Leo enjoys playing video games, reading books, spending time with family and friends, traveling around the world, and listening to music. He also volunteers regularly at local charities which help people in need or struggling communities.

Leo Pastor’s dedication to his job at VI Transfer Centennial has earned him respect amongst both his colleagues and customers alike. His passion for technology keeps him up-to-date on the latest developments within the industry so he can provide excellent service to everyone he works with.

Leo’s expertise and enthusiasm for technology have enabled him to make a real impact on his customers, helping them to use technology efficiently. He is an excellent listener, often taking the time to understand the needs and goals of his customers before offering solutions or advice. His innovative approach has been praised by many of the people he has worked with.

Leo also loves to stay up-

Leo is an ambitious individual who enjoys finding new, unique ways to tackle his projects. He often spends his free time reading industry-specific publications and attending conferences or seminars related to technology in order to stay ahead of the curve and ensure he has the latest information. In addition, Leo frequently looks for new opportunities within the field of technology in order to further expand his knowledge.