Boric Acid Side Effects

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Yeast infections can be treated with boric acid. This drug works to suppress the growth of Candida fungi. It also helps to reduce excessive sweating.

What does BV discharge look like?

Boric acid can be found in powder or in liquid form. It can be used directly on the affected areas. It can also be included in dressings to help treat minor wounds. It should be stored at a temperature lower than 25degC. It can be purchased at most drugstores and online retailers. It should be diluted before being applied.

Boric acid side effects can also be used to help treat vaginal yeast infections. It is not the most effective treatment for yeast infections, however. It should be used along with other medications to treat the infection.

Boric acid has been found to be very effective in treating bacterial vaginosis. It is a condition that causes a foul-smelling discharge and pain while having sex. Some women have found relief from this condition with boric acid suppositories.

The correct dosage of boric acid depends on the patient’s age and medical history. It is also important to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

It is important to note that boric acid can be poisonous. It can also damage the diaphragms and condoms. It can also interfere with other medicines. It can enter the bloodstream when used intravenously. It should never be taken orally.

Using boric acid to treat a yeast infection can be risky. It is a prescription drug and should be used according to the directions on the prescription label.

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