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custom print on metal

Canvas n decor canvas photos on metal is a unique, eye-catching way to display your photos. Unlike traditional photo frames, prints on metal bring out different details and textures in each image, adding an extra dimension to your wall art.

The best metal printing companies offer options to customize your metal print by choosing the type of base material, paper, ink or dye pigments and various finishes for your artwork. In addition, they also offer a variety of mounting options to choose from.

Printing Method and Materials

Metal prints are made using two common printing methods, direct and dye-sublimation. The dye-sublimation process infuses the ink or dye pigments directly into the metal at the molecular level, making it one of the most durable printing methods available.

Printing Your Artwork on Metal: Tips and Tricks for Stunning Metal Prints

There are many different finishing choices to choose from, ranging from high gloss and mid-gloss to satin and textured. All of these finishes are incredibly durable and give your prints an extraordinary amount of depth.

Depending on your wall space, you can choose from a wide range of frame mounts, which can look like a traditional frame or be flush with the print’s edges. You can also opt for a “float mount”, which will make the print appear to float in place, allowing it to stand out from the background and add even more depth to your artwork.

Nations Photo Lab is a full service metal printing lab that produces HD quality prints. Their images are highly detailed and look great in all colors, from black and white to rich reds and greens. They also use ChromaLuxe, a high-end HD metal material that is extremely durable and safe to display. They also have an amazing customer support team and a fast turnaround time.

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