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Email Risk Score is an email analysis metric that aggregates a range of attributes into a simple, actionable number. It combines email and user validation, reputation search, blacklists check, and data leak detection to provide a predictive risk score. The risk score is especially valuable during transaction, registration, and application screening processes.

Email addresses are a unique global identifier that is highly predictive of future behavior and are the primary means of ecommerce transactions, account creations, and other online actions. A comprehensive risk score is critical to reducing fraud losses and protecting brands and customers alike.

Assessing Risk: Understanding Email Risk Scores

Risk scores are based on attributes that are shared by fraudulent users and accounts to increase the likelihood of detection. These attributes include the email domain, email velocity (how fast an email address makes purchases, signs up for accounts, and engages in legitimate activity), popularity (how frequently an email is used), country of origin (to detect a high probability of fraud when an address is from a suspicious region) and more.

Easily identify and block disposable emails, popular temporary mail service providers, and VOIP phone numbers to prevent fake signups and registration fraud. Also, validate a phone number with worldwide support and retrieve details like carrier and line type status to detect spoofing and other fraud signals. This up front evaluation of user details improves risk assessment during ATO attacks, credit card applications, and during online shopping and registration stages.

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