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Evie Magazine

Founded in 2021, Evie Magazine is an online women’s publication that describes itself as “a much-needed corrective of sorts for mainstream women’s publications.” It is marketed as a magazine for “females of all ages and political leanings,” and features articles that address issues ranging from health and wellness to celebrity relationships and career advice. Discover More

According to Martinez, the site reaches millions of readers on social media and has a monthly unique audience of 10 million people or more. The website is a bit of a girlboss-ified Breitbart, featuring exclusive interviews with right-wing influencers and promoting conspiracy theories and pseudoscience.

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In her Rolling Stone article, Martinez explains that she and cofounder Brittany Hugoboom launched Evie as a feminist corrective to the damage done by traditional women’s magazines. These magazines normalize unhealthy extremes of food and exercise, encourage casual sex to “empower” women and lie about its emotional ramifications, sell the false idea that men should be the primary caregivers, and denigrate women who don’t share their views.

The site offers a platform for females to discuss these issues that they feel are not addressed by the mainstream media, and its writers pitch their own topics. The site has been accused of censoring some ideas, and its articles are fact-checked on a case-by-case basis. However, a number of its authors are Questionable due to their promotion of pseudoscience and propaganda, and the fact that they turn a blind eye to evidence and arguments against their claims.

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