Floor Markings for Warehouses and Factory Floors

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Floor Markings provide visual reminders for employees and visitors to follow established standards, protocols and procedures in your facility. They help to improve communication and productivity as well as enhance overall workplace safety. Read more:floor-markings.co.uk

Choosing the right color for your specific application is important, but so is consistency and training. Make sure that any new employees or contractors get an orientation that includes a chart that shows the different colors and what they mean. It’s also a good idea to post these charts in areas throughout the facility where they are readily visible.

Floor Markings in Healthcare: Navigating Patient Care with Precision

Yellow markings are usually used to signify caution or general physical hazards such as low clearances or trip risks. They can also indicate a specific area that needs to be cleared or sanitized. Red marks typically indicate fire equipment or escape routes and can often be seen at emergency response stations. Blue markings commonly indicate a specific route reserved for materials or equipment transport.

When you’re looking for the right product to create your markings, keep in mind that warehouse and factory floors must be able to withstand a lot of traffic from both forklifts and foot/pallet traffic. For this reason, it’s best to choose an extruded tape that won’t snag under forklift wheels or leave a sticky residue. A premium 5S floor marking tape is ideal for this type of application because it’s easily repositioned and will hold up to repeated use and movement. In addition, it can be easily applied with a line marking applicator for quick installation.

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