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Stair lifts help people safely navigate their homes and avoid falls, which can lead to serious injuries. Typically, they cost between $2999 and $4999. While they come with a price tag, many manufacturers offer financing options at checkout that can help lower your monthly payments.

Is there an alternative to a stair lift?

Most dealers offer a free in-home consultation with a professional who will assess your staircase, walk you through options and provide an accurate quote. If you opt for a straight stair lift, you can expect to have it up and running within a day or two after purchase, while curved track models may take longer to custom order and install.

Aside from your treppenlift gebraucht kaufen rail and seat, it’s also important to consider the chassis, which attaches to the track and contains the motor, gears, and battery. This component is what makes your stair lift move and determines the quality and comfort of your ride. For instance, a seated model that’s equipped with a patented helical worm drive system is designed for a smooth, quiet, and dependable ride.

Another feature to look for is a retractable safety belt, which offers security and stability during transportation. Additionally, you’ll want to find a stair lift that has a swivel seat for easy embarking and disembarking. Other handy features include obstruction sensors that automatically stop the lift if any foreign objects are detected on the stairs or track, and remote controls that allow you to call the lift to your desired floor from anywhere in the house.

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