How to Install a Metal Garden Edging System

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A metal garden edging system can make your lawn, flower beds, or paths look stylish and contemporary. They are also durable and low-maintenance. These systems come in a variety of materials and colors, but it is important to select one that will blend well with your landscape design. Rust-resistant steel is the best choice. It is not corroded by salt or fertilizer and will fit perfectly in your yard. It is also easy to install and can be trimmed or cut as needed. If rust isn’t for you, consider heavy-grade aluminum metal edging. It is more durable than steel and won’t rust, but it will lose color over time.

How deep should steel edging be?

This edging is designed to form gentle sweeps and curves for your landscaping designs. It is very easy to install and will last a lifetime. You can install it yourself or hire a professional. Most of Formboss’s products are stress tested to make sure they live up to their standards

Before you begin, measure and mark out your line using spray marker or string. Then dig a narrow trench along this line, making sure the bottom of the edging sits underground. Once the edging is in place, use a hammer or mallet to pound the pegs into the ground. Use a cloth to protect the finish of the pegs if you’re using powder coated product.

If you’re planning on installing a long run of edging, it is recommended that you add stakes at regular intervals. This will help prevent the edging from shifting or moving in the future. The stakes are attached to the edging with a pin that fits through an extension clip. This allows you to attach additional stakes in softer soil conditions, without having to break up the installed edging.

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