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THC syrup is one of the most popular ways to ingest cannabis-infused edibles. With a few simple ingredients, you can make a batch of this sweet treat in just minutes!

It’s Important Not to Be Confused with “Lean”

Unlike THC gummies and other solid forms of weed edibles, infused simple syrups are faster-acting. This is because the onset of effects happens in a matter of minutes, rather than the hour or two it takes for edibles to kick in.

How to make thc lean? This makes infused simple syrups an excellent choice when you’re on the go or need something to sweeten a drink quickly. You can add this to teas, sodas, juices, seltzers, and other beverages that may not have the perfect amount of sweetness for you.

THC syrup is easy to take sublingually, like a tincture, and can be taken either solo or mixed into your favorite beverage. It’s also a great way to ingest THC without the risk of overdose from smoking or vaping.

Some people try to tie THC syrup to the street appeal of lean, a slang term for cough syrup that contains promethazine and codeine. The difference is that lean contains a mix of drugs that can cause fatal overdoses.

The main difference is that THC syrup doesn’t contain any of these ingredients, so it’s much safer than lean to use. Moreover, THC syrup can be consumed in any time of day, and it doesn’t affect your breathing or heart rate, so it’s safe to consume while you work, exercise, or relax.

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