Is There Such a Thing As a Small World?

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The song “In the Small World” from heliotroop bloem ride of the same name has been listened to by millions since its 1964 debut. The song was recently added to the National Recording Registry, joining 25 others that have been played countless times. It’s a Small World is a nostalgic ride that celebrates the diversity of the human race. Its visual style evokes the world of children with a sense of wonder and escape. It’s a Small World features many iconic Audio-Animatronics including Ariel and Flounder, the Canadian Mounties doing jumping jacks and a drum playing zebra and rhino. There are also hidden mickeys throughout the show which are fun for kids to find. The ride also features a beautiful display of water from the seven seas.

A simulated network with random degree distribution can be classified as small-world if the C and L curves intersect in a region where s>1. Using this model, Watts and Strogatz showed that different sizes of networks can have differing small-world properties.

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However, the value of s can be highly dependent on the clustering of the equivalent random network. The s values obtained for biological, social, and technological networks all have s > 1. But is the protein interactions network more or less small-world than the karate ring or e-mail network?

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