Popup Camper Air Conditioning

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popup camper air conditioning

If you enjoy popup camper air conditioning  in the hot summer months, having popup camper air conditioning can make your stay much more comfortable. Especially on those days when the sun is out and the temperature is sweltering. Many new pop up campers come with built in air conditioning, but for older units you will have to have it installed yourself. This can be a very easy project or one that requires professional help. Evaluating your own needs and the available resources will help you decide what is best for you.

Some people choose to cut a window in their pop up camper to install a roof mounted air conditioner. However, this may not be a good idea for everyone due to the lack of flexibility in opening and closing these windows. Also, there are some models of pop up campers with canvas walls that are not designed to support the weight of a roof mounted ac unit.

Another popular option for popup camper air conditioning is a portable ac unit. These can be a bit bulkier but are very easy to use and do not take up much space in the camper. Also, they are much more quiet than some of the rooftop models that require a lot of ducting to circulate cool air throughout the camper.

This LG Portable RV Air Conditioner is a great choice for popup campers because it can cool up to 250 square feet (or spaces that are around 10′ by 25′). It also has multiple fan speeds and 3-in-1 operation: Cool, Fan, and Dehumidify. Additionally, it has a built-in drain system so that the condensate doesn’t run off and into other areas of the camper.

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