Sports Betting Handicappers

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sports betting handicappers

Handicapping is a complex process that requires research and the ability to synthesize information. Many sports betting handicappers have their own methodologies. Some prefer to analyze the matchups and game stats and then look at the betting market for value. Others look at player and team injuries, underlying advanced stats, and power ratings for the entire league to create their own spreads. Some even have their own predictive models to help them make their picks.

Most professional sports betting handicappers work full time as a sports analyst, making their picks for their clients and also selling their picks to other bettors through a pick service. This is a demanding and often stressful job, especially when you start to see your picks lose.

Reasons Why Sports Bettors Should Consider Hiring a Handicapper

A good handicapper will consider all the factors that could affect a game, including weather, road conditions, and even things like the emotional state of a team. A strong emotional state can cause a team to perform better than they normally would, which could offset a poor matchup or a bad home field advantage. It is also important to consider the history of a team’s performance against particular opponents. For example, a team that dominated an opponent in the past may struggle against a different team in the future.

Some handicappers make their picks for a variety of sports, analyzing football through the fall and winter, basketball in the spring, baseball in the summer, and then golf and tennis throughout the year. Other handicappers specialize, focusing on just one or two sports to give them more time to spend researching and analyzing.

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