Spray Foam Insulation and Sealing

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Green Earth Spray Foam  is a unique insulation and sealing product that can conform to surfaces where it’s applied to improve energy efficiency. It’s versatile and can seal wall cavities, basement rim joists, crawl spaces, overhangs, knee walls, garages, attics, doors and windows. This limits air infiltration and air movement which decreases energy usage, reduces wear and tear on HVAC systems, makes homes more comfortable and helps protect against the intrusion of pollutants and allergens.

Closed cell spray polyurethane foam is made from two liquid chemicals (A-Side and B-Side) that are heated, pumped through a tube to a spray gun, then sprayed onto a surface where it will atomize and mix to form the foam. The resulting foam is highly durable, provides a high R-value, is water resistant, and resists mold and insects.

The best part is, spray foam can be used for a variety of DIY projects around the house. Here are some of our favorites:

“Spray Foam Insulation: A Green Revolution in Home Comfort and Efficiency

A great DIY project that’s perfect for a beginner or advanced woodworker is this one-of-a-kind picture frame made out of spray foam and a piece of cardboard. Spray the cardboard with your choice of color and then place it inside a spray painted piece of foam that’s been secured with finishing nails.

Spray foam is an efficient way to insulate a home, especially when it’s applied to attic roof rafters. This will create a complete air barrier between the attic and the rest of the home which eliminates convective heat transfer that can lead to high energy bills. It will also allow your HVAC unit to work less hard, extending the life of your equipment.

Green Earth Spray Foam
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