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Taweez islam

Taweez islam is a practice where believers wear amulets or drink water infused with passages from the Quran. They hope that God will heal them of illness or protect them from harm. It’s not for everyone, but it has a niche audience among Muslims, who often view it as a spiritual, mystical practice.

Some taweez amulets have Quran verses and du’as written on them, others use Satanic mumbo-jumbo that no one else knows but the person who writes it. These talismans can divert the hearts of the believers from trusting in Allaah and make them rely on their own imaginations, or worse, they may frighten the believers before anything happens to them.

If a taweez has no Quran verse or du’a on it, then it is forbidden in Islam. If it contains Quran ayat and dorud sharif, then it is allowed in Islam.

The Importance of Taweez in Islamic Folklore and Superstition

The Quran, the Word of God, is a message to the creation from the Creator; A user’s manual by the Manufacturer, if you may. It is meant to be read, understood and then acted upon by thoughtful and wise implementation.

It is a very good curing method, and it has been reported by many of the companions of the Prophet that they recited ruqyah over a sick person seeking relief from ill-health. The supplications are believed to be more effective than any medical treatment.

The UK Times newspaper last autumn introduced its readers to the use of taweez in popular Sufi Sunni Islam, reporting on the conviction of a Salafi for murdering an imam who practised this form of Islam. The article was a welcome introduction to another side of Islam that is not always well-understood in the West, and to the variety of Islam that Muslims can adopt in their daily lives.

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