Why a PAT Testing Company is Important to Your Business

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PAT Testing Company

In the United Kingdom, we are very lucky to have incredibly high levels of workplace safety. This is largely down to effective legislation which requires businesses of all sizes to take care of everything from fire safety to manual handling. One aspect of this is PAT Testing which ensures that electrical equipment remains in a safe condition for customers, employees, tenants and all others who use it.

PAT Testing Company  and involves a formal visual inspection of electrical appliances such as computers and printers, kettles, fridges, ovens and more. This means removing the plug or equipment casing cover and looking for any obvious signs of wear like frayed wires, overheating, damage to the exterior and other factors which could make it unsafe to continue using. This process is generally done by an outside PAT testing company or by a trained member of staff within a company but is important to be completed regularly to avoid costly repairs and legal issues later down the line.

Safety First: How to Choose the Right PAT Testing Company for Your Business

There is no law to dictate exactly how often a business needs to carry out PAT tests but it’s generally recommended that they are carried out every year at the latest to help prevent faulty appliances from becoming dangerous for those who use them. As well as ensuring that appliances are in a safe working condition, PAT tests also help companies comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 which states that electrical equipment must be tested to ensure that it is in a safe and functional condition.

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