Womens Gym Trousers

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Working out in the right gear can make or break a session. The best womens gym trousers feel like a second skin, keeping you warm (if needed) during outdoor training, cool if you’re in the gym, dry and comfortable. They also offer a zero-distractions fit that lets you focus on your workout at hand.

Whether you’re into yoga or weightlifting, there’s a pair of these leggings for you. We’ve put high-street options to the test and gathered recommendations from fitness instructors, yogis and others who know what they’re doing. Across our picks, we took into account how opaque they are (important for squatting), the amount of stretch in the fabric, and whether they are eco-friendly or organic. We also rated them on how easy they are to clean, which is important for sweaty fabrics that can harbour bacteria.

Fit and Fabulous: The Best Women’s Gym Trousers for a Confident Workout

These leggings have an impressive opacity rating and pass the squat test with flying colours, making them the ideal all-rounder for any gym goer. The sleek, smoothing fabric feels expensive and comes in black or a variety of printed options. Plus, they are super soft and come with a phone-sized pocket.

This pair of gym leggings is a fan favourite and sported by many high profile trainers. They have a soft feel and a flattering shape, and you can choose between a high waist or a 7/8 length that comes down to the mid calf. We also love that they are breathable and the material doesn’t bunch so you can feel comfortable during longer sessions.

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